The Aim of the
Narayana Project

The Narayana Project is an independent program run by a team of husband-and-wife. These are normal, everyday people with almost no connections to the outside world.
The work they do was entirely inspired by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, although it must be said that either the project, nor the family involved in it has any links to the Sai Baba Organization in any way, shape or form.
The Avatar has been giving very detailed instructions to VïDâ during many sessions of meditative trance, several dreams and a few visitations by Himself and some other Celestial Beings.
These people do not claim to be anything special, and they have not received any kind of higher education or hold any diplomas at all.
They are organic vegetarians and over the last twenty plus years, they have developed some crop growing techniques based on what Swamiji has told them, in addition to the loving guidance they get from the Devic Realm, which allow them to grow most of the foodstuff they consume. 

The Books

Geometric equations book
Geometric Equations  |  Ecuaciones Geométricas
Divine Times book
Divine Times

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